MAC Coatings manufactures a full line of sealers for concrete applications. Whether you’re sealing or curing fresh concrete and asphalt, enhancing the properties of a decorative substrate or restoring old concrete, we have the finish you need to get the job done right.

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Why MAC Coatings?

The new regulations restrict most of the materials that manufacturers used for decades. Many of the solvents identified to be VOC compliant dry much faster than those favored by concrete contractors. The result is dozens of products that dry extremely quickly in real world conditions.

The Problems

  • Sealer is nearly impossible to apply by roll:
    In some cases, the sealer begins to cure before a proper film is able to form.

  • Bubbles or whitening occur during or immediately following application:
    Due to the rapid drying of compliant solvents, the sealer is not able to bond to the concrete substrate.

The tight regulations provide few options for manufacturers to modify their sealers without greatly increasing costs. Instead of using typical paint rollers for application, users were forced to purchase expensive spray equipment to accommodate the new products. Many driveways and patios have suffered from the misapplication of new VOC compliant sealers.

The Solution

An opportunity was created for any manufacturer to formulate a new sealer that is both VOC compliant, and maintains the performance of the sealers that homeowners and contractors were used to. Using a proprietary blend of compliant materials and the latest technology, our Research & Development Team did just that. The formation of MACSEAL from MAC Coatings followed, providing a full line of concrete products.

MAC Advantage

Our products were designed with the end user in mind, making them the most user friendly products on the market. The elimination of common application problems has provided value to our distributors, homeowners, and contractor customers.

  • MAC products will not bubble, turn white, or flash dry.
  • MAC products can be applied by roll or spray.
  • Our products have been independently certified to meet all applicable VOC regulations.