As an affiliate of the SWT Group, MAC Coatings validates its product performance through a comprehensive quality assurance program involving state-of-the-art laboratory testing. In addition to offering a broad portfolio of time-tested formulations, we are also engaged in ongoing product development and quality improvement.

Our comprehensive “4D” Project Management Process ensures customer satisfaction on every project, small or large

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SWT Group is uniquely positioned to tackle our clients’ product, performance and process challenges. We actively collaborate with our clients to define the scope and expectations of each project to ensure that everyone agrees on the parameters that will define success.

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Design & Develop

In taking formulations from concept to production, our lab teams design and develop preliminary solutions through a precisely controlled and detailed iterative trial process. The results, often informed by client input, drive ongoing reviews that results in fully optimized and cost effective formulations.

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As a supplier to automotive customers for over 20 years, SWT Group has implemented robust purchasing, manufacturing, ongoing quality assurance and logistics processes. These allow us to consistently manufacture and deliver a quality product at the right time, every time, to every customer.

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Sag Testing

Viscosity - Mac Coatings
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Salt Spray

Salt Bath - Mac Coatings
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Adhesion Testing

Scratch - Mac Coatings
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Viscosity Testing

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Flashpoint Testing

Flame - Mac Coatings
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Gravelometer Testing

Gravelometer - Mac Coatings
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Coating Thickness Testing

Thickness - Mac Coatings
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Taber Abrasion Testing

Taber - Mac Coatings
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Draw Down

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