• Cures to a hard, water and weather resistant coating
  • Use to seal wood, metal, concrete and other asphaltic surfaces
  • Improves appearance of older paved areas
  • Slows substrate deterioration
When should I apply MACSEAL products?

MACSEAL Cure & Seal sealers should be applied as soon as the new concrete can support the weight of the installer along with MAC-PEN penetrating sealer, a siliconate. Almost all other sealers can be applied once the concrete is 28 days old.

What will my sealed surface look like?

It all depends on the type of sealer you use. Solvent-based acrylic sealers significantly enhance color and give concrete a high-gloss, wet look. Water-based acrylic sealers provide moderate color enhancement and a satin finish.

What will my MACSEAL sealer repel once applied?

To repel water and deicing salts, opt for an acrylic-resin sealer such as MACSEAL-CS25, MACSEAL-S25 or MACSEAL-AQ. If you also need to repel oil stains, choose a siliconate sealer, such as MAC-PEN, which is a type of reactive penetrating chemical sealer. Keep in mind that acrylic-resin sealers can be degraded by petroleum distillates, while reactive penetrating sealers are generally vulnerable to acidic chemicals that etch concrete.

What type of surface or substrate should I seal?

Concrete and asphalt in areas prone to freeze-thaw cycles should be sealed to prevent damage. In other regions, sealing concrete serves specific purposes such as repelling stains, reducing dust, increasing abrasion resistance, enhancing chemical resistance, and preserving its appearance.

What is the drying time of MACSEAL products and when can I walk and drive on it?

Typically, MACSEAL products dry to the touch within 1-4 hours although environmental factors will always play a role in drying time. Higher temperatures and lower humidity will speed the dry time process up while the opposite conditions will slow the dry process down. Waiting 24-28 hours is recommended before allowing vehicle traffic on the substrate which was sealed.

What happens if concrete is left unsealed?

Concrete is a porous material that easily absorbs liquids. In freeze-thaw climates, the expansion of frozen liquids can damage the surface of unsealed concrete. Additionally, substances like oil, salt, fertilizer, and other household chemicals can discolor and harm unsealed concrete.

How long will my MACSEAL last?

MACSEAL sealers offer a performance life of 2-3 years where the type of environment in which it is applied in will always play a factor such as freeze-thaw cycles, UV exposure, and salt volumes applied.

How are MACSEAL products applied?

MACSEAL products can be applied by DIY enthusiasts using simple tools like a paint roller or pump-up sprayer.

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