MAC Coatings is a premium coatings manufacturer located on the Michigan border in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. With more than 60 years of serving the industrial, manufacturing and commercial markets, we know producing quality products and delivering high levels of customer service are the pillars to our success. Working with our business partners to provide coatings solutions is our passion.

MAC Coatings manufactures a full line of products for concrete applications. Whether you’re curing fresh concrete or enhancing the properties of a decorative substrate, we can service all of your concrete coating needs.

MAC Coatings was well ahead of the curve when we developed our MACSeal line of concrete coatings. Our independently certified VOC compliant line of sealers has provided our customers with the optimal balance of application, performance and regulatory compliance. Our customers and distributors have had widespread and consistent success with our products for the past five years due to our proprietary high quality formulation that has not changed in that time. These are just some of the comments we have received from our customers:

“MACSEAL is the most user-friendly concrete sealer line we’ve ever sold, generating virtually no call-backs.” – Canadian Distributor 

“When the major brands launched their VOC compliant products, I felt like a guinea pig. They started with Acetone and then moved onto TBAC, but neither worked. I spent most of my time returning to jobs to fix appearance issues. I made the switch to MACSEAL and haven’t had a single call-back since!” – Canadian Concrete Contractor

“My first experience with MACSEAL was at high-noon on a hot summer day. Where other products would bubble or string, MACSEAL rolled on without issue. I won’t use anything else!” – Michigan Concrete Contractor

“I’ve sealed my own driveway for several years, and MACSEAL is the only product that lasts more than a season.” – Canadian DIY Homeowner

Our MACSEAL line includes



Macseal CS

Spray Seal



MAC Coatings is strategically located in the manufacturing capital of Ontario.  Our Industrial Coating’s line serves the manufacturing industry with a wide range of products, from shop primers to high performance epoxies.

Our line includes

Electrostatic Enamels


Air Dry Enamels

Water Based Enamels

Direct-To-Metal Enamels

Shop Primers

Two-Part Epoxies

Quick Dry Enamels

Working directly with growers, MAC Coatings offers a full line of coatings engineered exclusively for the greenhouse and agricultural industry. More specifically, we provide elevated temperature coatings, pipe enamels, boiler paint, and floor coatings to greenhouses throughout North America.

Our line includes


Greenhouse Floor Enamel

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